A Complete Course on How to Become a Poker Dealer
Marc Now Offers a Complete Course on How to Deal Texas Hold 'Em.



Marc has trained thousands of poker dealers in his career.

Marc has auditioned, interviewed and hired hundreds of poker dealers in his casino career as Shift Manager and Supervisor. He has worked in casinos in Washington State and Florida and has worked closely with professionals that started their careers in Las Vegas and Atlantic city, including former and current World Series of Poker employees. Marc is regularly making sure that his teachings are in tune with the standards taught across the poker world.

In addition to becoming a poker employee, Marc has been a regular casino poker player since 2002.

Other Casino Experience:
Dealt and supervised Blackjack (shoe and pitch), Roulette, Craps, Baccarat, and other carnival games.


Do Poker Dealers Really Make $25-$40+ per hour?
Yes and sometimes more. The average poker dealer deals about 30 hands of poker per hour, and there is a custom among poker players to tip the dealer whenever they win a hand of poker. Some players tip $1 per hand, and some players tip more. The faster you deal and the more the players like you as a dealer, the more money you will make per hour. For a dealer starting out, you will likely earn closer to $25 per hour and then as your dealing gets faster, it will increase.
Do I need to know poker to take this course?
Having some understanding of poker is helpful, but not required to successfully take this course. Marc teaches everything from the perspective of someone who doesn't even know what beats what in poker.
Will I be able to pass a casino audition after taking this course?
Yes, if you successfully complete this course and pass a True Poker Dealer audition, you will be qualified to pass a poker audition in a casino. This course teaches Texas Hold 'Em only, which is what most poker rooms require. We also have an additional course that teaches all of the games that you need to pass a WSOP audition, but don't get ahead of yourself. Texas Hold' Em is all you need for most poker rooms and it is far easier to learn all of the rules of poker through Texas Hold 'Em first. We even offer for you to create a video audition that can be sent directly to poker room hiring managers and replace the need to audition in person.
Can I really learn to deal poker at home?
Absolutely. Being a poker dealer requires a lot of training and information and we teach you what you need to know and then explain how to practice at home so that you can properly develop the skills you will need to be a successful dealer.
Who is this course for?
Adults over the age of 18 who can work in a fast-paced environment while providing solid guest service.
Who is this course not for?
One thing that we have no control over is the regulations required by the government in different locations. Unfortunately, convicted felons are unable to get gaming licenses and so we do not recommend that convicted felons take this course.
How does True Poker Dealer compare to an in-person class?
We have taught hundreds of people how to deal poker online from scratch. However, everyone learns differently. Online learning is not for everybody. It does require the discipline of practicing over and over, while also paying close attention to the material taught in the course.


Robert C, from Washington. 
Working as a Poker Dealer after completing this course.

We have helped more people learn to be poker dealers than anyone else in the world
True Poker Dealer has taught tens of thousands of people from all over the world how to deal poker with a very professional approach. We focus on proper mechanics and the specific details that will benefit any dealer. Learning and studying the teachings of True Poker Dealer will result in very efficient dealing skills that can be used in home games and casinos throughout the industry.
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